She Reached Her $1K PROFIT

Six months ago, Vivian aka Sketchbeetle Art “was barely breaking even…[and] was hesitant to spend even more money on a venture [she] wasn’t sure would even work out.”

The “venture” she’s talking about was signing up for The Profitable Convention Artist course when it opened for beta testing back in November 2016.

Before taking the course, she “actually wasn’t profiting at all at actual cons. [She] would be lucky if [she] broke even.”

She took a chance on the course anyway, and mid-way into the course, she made $610 in gross sales at a convention! Note that she wasn’t making money at all at previous conventions, so this was huge!

After completing the course, she increased her gross earnings to…guess what? $1,250! 

However, after calculating the overhead costs for this convention (using what she learned from the course), she realized that she ALMOST hit $1000 in PROFIT, not yet making the $1K mark.

And so she set $1K as her goal for her next convention…

Fast forward to April 10th, 2017, a day after my birthday, she Facebook messaged me saying:

I couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift: one of my students reaching her $1K profit goal.

I knew I wanted to help other artists make money doing what they love.

And to see this actually happening in real life…My dream in making an artist’s dream come true has now become reality.

But I don’t just want to stop with her.

I want to make YOUR dreams come true too. I want to help YOU make money doing what you love.

Which is why I am happy to say that “The Profitable Convention Artist” is open for enrollment!


I also plan to add more content to the full course over time as I learn more from my millionaire business coach to help you enhance your art business. (Yes, he’s a millionaire. And I paid thousands of dollars to receive coaching from him too.)

If you think an artist friend would find this course helpful, share this with them and spread the word! 

Let’s help ALL artists make money doing what they love!

With truth and grace,

Tuyet Tran

P.S. Vivian’s Update (4/21/17):